Cogo Collect

Smart GIS data capture

Collect data for any location, store directly in your OWN server

Cogo Collect is a smart and versatile geo-data registration app, made in the Netherlands

The app offers organisations a tool for managing their geo-data using open OGC standards. Features include editing GIS features (point, lines, polygons), smart forms for non-spatial information, fuzzy search and photo attachments. The data is stored directly in your own GIS environment - such as GeoServer - via the WFS-T standard.

Cogo Collect was launched in 2018 and focuses mainly on the Dutch and Belgian market. Currently, the tool is used by municipalities, engineering firms, contractors and safety regions. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions at or follow us on LinkedIn .

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Cogo Collect

Cogo Collect

Cogo Collect is een Nederlands bedrijf dat zich volledig richt op de toepassing van GIS voor zowel overheden als bedrijven.

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