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Cogo collect is a smart and versatile geo-data registration app.
Your data is stored directly in your own GIS environment via the WFS-T standard.


Cogo is a smart and versatile geo-data registration app. Use one super user-friendly tool for all kinds of data.


Every user can use this app anywhere, without instructions. Most of our users set-up their forms and train the staff in less than a day.


Give your users direct access to your geo-data, making collaboration, sharing realtime information and giving feedback easier.


When working offline, the data is stored locally. When working online, the data is stored directly in your own GIS environment via WFS-T.

Your data

Cogo has a unique way to collect geospatial data: your data is stored directly in your own server. This is called a decentralized approach and highlights one of its most fundamental strengths: decentralization give back ownership of data to consumers and ensures their privacy. Cogo doesn't track you nor does it save your data elswhere.

Decentralization keeps you in control of your data and opens up all kinds of new possibilities to analyse your data. At the most basic level, a decentralized approach will provide your line-of-business managers (think marketing, product, management, possibly finance) with direct, full-time access to an analytics resource, and those managers will get the quickest turnaround on their requests.

When data is centralized, it is controlled by a 3rd party organization. Cogo's decentralized approach on the other hand, is controlled by you. No other can access, sell or track your data.

How Cogo works


In the Cogo admin environment, connect to your GIS server (WFS-T) such as GeoServer. Configure the form your field workers will use and invite users.


On your mobile device, efficiently capture assets and observations, and perform inspections. Collect accurate locations and fill out map-driven forms.

One source

Field-captured data is stored in your own GIS environment as a single source of truth to use throughout your organization. Enable stakeholders to monitor projects and perform analysis.

Get started with Cogo

Cogo helps organizations around the globe work and communicate more efficiently. Let us know what kind of data you want to collect!

More Features

Real time data collection, visualization and monitoring.

GPS or manual collection

Capture data location with GPS, or use the pinpoint tool to manually add points and draw lines. Connect external GPS to achieve high precision.

Data quality

Use form item options like dependencies, required fields, radio buttons and others, to capture complete and accurate data.

Paper to digital

Transform your workflow from paper to digital. Carry out your entire project from start to finish without worrying about piles of paperwork.

Cost effective

Scale up and down according to your project size and timeframe. Cogo is easy to learn thus eliminates time and money usually spent on training.


Cogo is your all-in-one workspace on the go and available to the three major app platforms iOS, Android, Windows and as a desktop web app.


Frequently Asked Questions.

  • The best way to determine the accuracy level to expect from a particular external GPS receiver is to check the website of the receiver's vendor for GPS specs. If you are looking for the accuracy level of an integrated GPS receiver or if you would like to compare accuracy levels of various external GPS receivers, you might find the MTDC GPS Receiver Horizontal Accuracy Reports published by the USDA Forest Service helpful. This organization has tested GPS receivers of various grades to determine their accuracy.

  • Cogo collect is available on the App Store for iPad and iPhone, the Play Store for Android devices and the Microsoft store for Windows devices. You can also use Cogo in your web browser as desktop web app.

    Please note that to use Cogo, you need a fully functional GIS server (with WFS-T), a data store (PostgreSQL) and some knowledge to set up a map. We are happy to assist if you need help with your backend.

  • There are a couple of common issues that may occur when trying to sign in. Verify that you typed your user name and password correctly. Check your network connection. Make sure your account is part of a Cogo organization. Ask your Cogo administrator to reset your password. You can also send us your question using the contact page.

  • Cogo can be used free of charge by Open Source developers, teachers and their students, or for hobby, non-paid usage. This is the personal, non-commercial version of Cogo collect. A license is required when using Cogo in a professional environment. Please send us your request for quotation via email: You can also send us your request using the contact page.

  • The Cogo team wants to hear from you about the app. If you have feedback or inquiries, send an email to You can also provide feedback using the contact page.

  • GeoServer is an open source server for sharing geospatial data. Designed for interoperability, it publishes data from any major spatial data source using open standards. GeoServer fully supports transactions.

  • The Web Feature Service (WFS) is a standard created by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for creating, modifying and exchanging vector format geographic information on the Internet using HTTP. A WFS encodes and transfers information in Geography Markup Language (GML), a subset of XML.

    The Transaction operation can create, modify, and delete features published by a WFS. Every WFS-T transaction is atomic, meaning that if any of the elements fail, the transaction is abandoned, and the data is unaltered. A WFS server that supports transactions is sometimes known as a WFS-T server. GeoServer fully supports transactions.


Cogo is developed by Baas geo-information, a company that focuses entirely on the application of GIS for both governments and companies. We provide a high standard in the field of open standards and Open Source GIS. We share our own expertise with communities and develop GIS software as part of our mission.

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